IN: I-465/Allisonville Road Interchange Reconstruction Project

Indianapolis, IN

Indiana Department of Transportation cut down on traffic delays and provided a smoother trip for commuters with its $19 million I-465/Allisonville Road interchange project northeast of Indianapolis. The project was also completed months ahead of schedule, saving taxpayer dollars.INDOT considered several construction options before choosing a bridge closure option in order to complete the project in the shortest amount of time with the smallest impact to local businesses by avoiding construction during the holiday shopping season. Closing the bridge was also the least expensive option while also increasing safety. With the lower cost, INDOT was able to provide incentives to contractors to further expedite project completion. Scheduled to take 210 days, the bridge reopened in 118 and had achieved unrestricted traffic status with no impact after just 149 days, saving the public two months of detours and delays.

Indiana I-465-Allisonville Road Interchange

4 thoughts on “IN: I-465/Allisonville Road Interchange Reconstruction Project

  1. What a difference this project has made in traffic flow! I would NEVER have taken Allisonville Road downtown before this project was completed. Now it’s my prefered route. It is much more relaxing to drive through residential areas, instead of taking the interstate to work every day. INDOT did a great job completing this project in record time, and I’ve been able to enjoy it almost daily. Special thanks to all who made this happen!

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