Indiana Department of Transportation—I-70 Twin Bridges over State Road 121

INDOT needed to rebuild two I-70 bridges in Wayne County yet also looked for ways to do the job without inconveniencing drivers too much, keep workers and motorists as safe as possible, all while minimizing costs. The department landed on an innovative process never before attempted in the state.

INDOT built the two new $5.6 million single-span bridge superstructures on the median between the existing bridges while interstate traffic remained unrestricted, allowing traffic to continue moving. After completing the new bridges, the existing bridges were demolished and the new bridges were slid right into place, all while temporary crossovers diverted traffic off each bridge during the actual replacement. Traffic diverted off the westbound bridge on Sept. 9, 2017—the same day the old bridge was demolished and just one day before the new bridge slid into place. Traffic crossed the new bridge just a week later. The eastbound bridge experienced the same process just a month later. Drivers were thankful not just for the modernized bridges, but also the process that minimized any inconveniences to their commutes.