Maine Department of Transportation — Woodfords Corner Revitalization

The city of Portland is a popular tourist destination for visitors of all ages. One of Portland’s neighborhoods, Woodford’s Corner, is dominated by motor vehicle traffic, hosting 27,000 vehicles every day. Approximately 3,000 people live within walking distance of the Corner, but with congestion and complex traffic patterns, few pedestrians and bicyclist attempted to use the intersection. The Maine Department of Transportation had to find a solution that would help to reduce congestion, improve travel time, and integrate options to help pedestrians and bicyclists travel safely. The end result was an $8 million community revitalization effort that involved the construction of new sidewalks, roadway, and upgrades to utilities. To expedite the project, multiple crews worked six days a week, on a mostly overnight schedule. After 15 months of construction, the Woodford Corner intersection is now safer and more accessible for bicyclists and pedestrians. Upgrades include: improved walking surfaces and crosswalks; additional bus stop locations to improve access to public transportation; audible pedestrian crossing buttons and warning fields to improve accessibility. To ensure bicyclist safety, painted ‘shared use’ lanes were created and improvements were made to the railroad crossing to provide bicyclists with crossing space. The project prioritized the safety of those who utilize non-motorized transportation, helping to provide more access and mobility options to the community.