Maryland Department of Transportation—Statewide Operations Center Overhaul

Maryland DOT is preparing for the future with an overhaul of a facility used to keep people safe and moving on the state’s roadways.

MDOT’s Statewide Operations Center (SOC) opened in 1995 as the nation’s first statewide traffic management center. It not only supports routine traffic monitoring and incident management activities, but also functions as MDOT’s emergency operations center and joint information center during major events such as hurricane evacuations, winter storm operations, major sporting events, and any highway incident that is significantly impactful. After decades of serving the public, the SOC required re-configuration to adjust for current and future innovative needs.

The $5.6 million renovation included replacement of and upgrades to the center’s consoles and configuration, new office layouts and finishes, mechanical and electrical equipment replacement and upgrades, new IT infrastructure, and other features, all to keep the people of Maryland and all visitors safely moving along the state’s transportation infrastructure.