Maryland Department of Transportation—Upgrade of MD 404 (Shore Highway)—Improving Quality of Life and Safety on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

MD 404 carries 18,000 vehicles per day, a number that increases by 25 percent in the summer. Historically, MD 404 also posted vehicle collision rates higher than the state average, with 402 crashes and 12 fatalities between 2005 and 2014. To improve safety on a roughly 10-mile stretch of MD 404, this $158 million project took a two-lane road and widened it to a four-lane divided highway, with a 34-foot median and 10-foot-wide shoulders.

With only 18 months to complete the whole project, and only one construction season to work with, constant communication was required between contractors, design firms, MDOT and State Highway Administration, state agencies, elected officials, and the community and traveling public. In the end, the MD 404 project made the road safer for all drivers, especially providing more peace of mind during the busier summer months.