MI: Saginaw Street Bridge Replacement over the Grand River Project

Lansing, MI

Michigan Department of Transportation improved safety and traffic flow to citizens of Lansing by replacing the Saginaw Street Bridge with a new structure. MDOT utilized innovative traffic maintenance strategies to deliver the $6 million project faster and with very little disturbance to motorists.The department conducted traffic and operational analysis using innovative software that allowed Saginaw Street traffic to be detoured in a counter-flow manner on a nearby roadway, achieving an average 90 second delay for motorists (a major feat, as Saginaw Street near the bridge had carried five lanes of traffic and was reduced to only one). MDOT was able to complete the bridge replacement in just nine months, allowing motorists to eliminate that short delay they had experienced while the new bridge was under construction and utilize the newbridge sooner than anticipated.

Michigan Saginaw Street over the Grand River Replacement

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