Michigan Department of Transportation—Sault Ste. Marie Round About Reconstruction

The Sault Ste. Marie Roundabout Reconstruction, also known as the city’s I-75 Business Spur Road Reconstruction project, has been credited with changing the landscape of Sault Ste. Marie, improving operations and aesthetics of the main gateway into the community. This $11.6 million project by the Michigan Department of Transportation addressed the needs of every kind of traveler within the city including motorists, transit users, pedestrians, and even snowmobilers. Another focus for the project was better transportation access to the local airport, which saw heavy traffic from visitors during the tourist season. With the inclusion of a new roundabout, resurfaced pathway, a better connected sidewalk system, and more convenient access for all, this project has greatly improved the quality of life for local, regional, and international travelers. It also sets the community up for continued economic growth in the coming years.