Missouri Department of Transportation— The I-35 and Route 152 Displaced Left-turn Interchange Project

The I-35 and Route 152 interchange in Kansas City and Liberty is an important east-west commuter corridor that supports freight and carries more than 45,000 motorists daily and is surrounded with retail businesses, neighborhoods and schools. It. Regular users of the original diamond interchange voiced frustration at the high number of crashes and frequent congestion at I-35.  To address this safety issue, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) went with a $30 million displaced-left interchange, considered the best option as it combined the best attributes of traditional diamonds with diverging diamonds. After a 108-day closure, the interchange reopened 20 days ahead of schedule. The innovative displaced left-turn interchange serves 1,500 more vehicles with 30 percent less travel time and 45 percent les delay time at peak hour for drivers. It increases traffic signal efficiency by altering phases and allowing different traffic movements to move simultaneously. Conflict points, excessive queues and travel times have been reduced while the capacity has increased, which means drivers can now get to their destinations must faster than before in a safer manner.