Montana Department of Transportation— Van Buren Street Interchange

Since the construction of the original Van Buren Street interchange in 1966, the city of Missoula has seen a tremendous growth in population. The interchange also serves as a connector for the community, with the University of Montana, medical centers, and outdoor recreation options all within driving distance. This growth also led to heavy traffic congestion on the interchange. In order to accommodate this growing community, the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) got to work on a $13.5 million improvement project that saw this construction of two, four-spoke roundabouts that promoted a continuous traffic flow. Beyond the roundabouts, MDT also focused on providing the community with more transportation options with the addition of a 12-foot path that connects to existing trail system. Ramps also help to provide access and mobility options and flashing beacons help to increase safety for pedestrians. MDT also improved the landscaping to update and restore the ecosystem around the interchange. These improvements not only improve the safety of the interchange, but improve the quality of life for this growing city.