NC: King Street Widening Project

Boone, NC
North Carolina Department of Transportation’s $15.25 million King Street Widening project saved local residents, university students, and visitors travel time while also improving efficiency. The section of King St/Route 421 carries nearly 40,000 vehicles a day, and is a main access to Appalachia State University, downtown, and nearby ski areas. The project widened the existing two-lane and four-lane section to a six lane divided highway.NCDOT worked with the community to set an aggressive schedule for Phase I, due in part to the construction of a new high school just off the roadway. To speed construction and establish a culture of efficiency, a $5,000 per day penalty was set if the project was not completed on time. Phase I, which directly impacted the new high school, was completed ahead of schedule, or five days prior to the school opening in August. The overall project was complete over a month later on Oct. 25, before winter and the ski season.


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