Nebraska Department of Transportation: Super 2 Corridor–McCook to North Platte

Nebraska DOT’s $7.4 million Super 2 project increased safety, reduced congestion, and improved reliability by improved existing assets – namely by providing strategically placed passing lanes.

Located between McCook and North Platte, the hills and valleys along the US-83 corridor caused sight-distance issues and limited the opportunity for motorists to pass one another. Seasonal fog and agricultural traffic along the route compounded those issues. While the community desired a four-lane highway, stakeholders recognized that was not a financially feasible option. However, upgrading to a Super 2 offered a substantial improvement. The Super 2 project improved existing assets – especially in rural locales – by building strategically placed passing lanes that increased motorist safety, reduced congestion, and improved reliability. Now motorists can complete their trips with a higher degree of safety, thanks to Nebraska DOT’s operational skills.