Nevada Department of Transportation— Lake Tahoe East Shore Trail: The Impossible Trail Becomes Reality

Running between Tahoe’s north shore and State Route 28, the Lake Tahoe East Shore Trail provides residents and visitors alike three miles of unparalleled views. The only way to access the trail was a two-lane road, which carries over a million people and 2.6 million vehicles every year. Bicyclists and pedestrians shared the travel lanes with vehicles, which created safety concerns for all traveling to the trail. In order to address these concerns, the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) began work on a $49.3 million project that created a path that separates foot and vehicle traffic, while offering safe access to all visitors, including to previously inaccessible beaches and parking areas. The trail is fully ADA-compliant and was completed in just 17 months without disrupting traffic or tourism. The new trail allows everyone to enjoy the scenic views without comprising safety.