New Hampshire Department of Transportation—I-93 Expansion

The 20-mile segment of I-93 between the Massachusetts state line and Manchester, N.H., experienced frequent traffic congestion, especially during morning and evening rush hour. Originally built in the early 1960s to accommodate 60,000 to 70,000 vehicles per day, the roadway now handles tens of thousands more than that on both the interstate and many of its interchanges. That volume forced motorists to drive closer to each other, limiting their ability to react and maneuver to avoid incidents in front of them. When an incident did occur, motorists often had nowhere to go: often resulting in multi-car crashes. Chronic congestion also affected emergency responders, lengthening their response times. All those factors combined create increased risks to the traveling public, so the New Hampshire Department of Transportation engaged in one of the most ambitious projects in its history: widening that 20-mile segment of I-93. With the $755 million project complete, NHDOT has made the traveling public safer and improved their mobility, allowing them to get where they need to go faster and easier.