New Jersey Department of Transportation—Implementation of Drivewyze on 647 Miles of NJ’s Highways

New Jersey DOT increased safety and efficiency for commercial vehicle operators (CVOs)—ultimately helping all drivers on the roadway—by providing real-time information through new technology.

CVOs contribute to the economy of the state, while at times contributing to traffic incidents that can cause disruptions in the highway system, thus impacting many. NJDOT utilized this $230,000 technology that provides alerts such as sudden slowdowns or congestion to CVOs in real-time via a cell phone app or the electronic logging device. Providing this service in real time affords CVOs the ability to slow down or seek alternate routes, therefore positively impacting the safety of all drivers in the area. This also assists in producing a better travel time reliability index for New Jersey’s roadway system.

Now, CVO drivers traveling through or in New Jersey can make the safest, most efficient decisions while others on the roadway benefit from less congestion.