New Jersey Department of Transportation—River Road Bridge over Raritan Valley Railroad, Emergency Bridge Replacement

In June 2019, New Jersey Department of Transportation closed the River Road Bridge over Raritan Valley Railroad due to concerns about its structural integrity and tasked with quickly designing and constructing a new safe and functional bridge within a year. Key themes for this project’s design and construction included sustainability, history, quality, and safety. The new bridge features a single span and an innovative and efficient, high strength pre-stressed concrete box beam superstructure. The new design eliminated structural issues and led to a significantly wider structure, which allowed for two directions of traffic to travel safely on independent lanes with shoulders. This marked a significant improvement upon the existing bridge’s dangerous single lane, two direction of traffic condition.  The new single span bridge also provides the public with stunning and open views of the project area. NJDOT’s new $4.3 million bridge is now safer for all modes of transportation while also preserving the natural and historic elements of the existing bridge and its surrounding environment.