New Jersey Department of Transportation—Route 495, Route 1&9/Paterson Plank Road Bridge

New Jersey DOT restored a vital bridge for commuters, allowing them to safely and efficiently get to their destinations, with the Route 1&9/Paterson Plank Road Bridge project.

This $88 million project is located in one of the country’s most densely populated regions, connecting motorists from New Jersey to midtown Manhattan through the Lincoln Tunnel. The big challenge for New Jersey DOT was restoring the 84-year-old Paterson Plank Road Bridge while keeping 150 thousand vehicles and 2,000 commuter buses moving through the crowded corridor every workday.

New Jersey DOT worked closely with the public and 16 local, state, and regional agencies, successfully steering the project through 12-stages over four years. As a result, motorists, once burdened by frequent delays caused by emergency repairs to the old bridge, now have a safer, faster, more reliable commute. In addition, improvements were made for NJ Transit and pedestrian infrastructure, ensuring that everyone benefitted from this project, regardless of transportation mode.