North Carolina Department of Transportation – Monroe Expressway: A High-Speed Alternative to U.S 74

U.S 74 in Monroe is a critical connector for transporting goods and people statewide. As the road aged, however, safety concerns developed. Therefore, the North Carolina Department of Transportation engaged in a “massive overhaul” of the road that incorporated innovative technology to improve safety and save time for motorists. The NCDOT also evaluated the $731 million Monroe Expressway as one of four projects for tolling back in 2005. Working with the North Carolina Turnpike Authority, NCDOT deployed All Electric Tolling (AET) on the road, eliminating the need for traditional tollbooths. AET technology also allowed NCDOT to implement NC Quick Pass to prepay for tolls. Since the completion of the Expressway, overall travel time decreased for motorists by 15 minutes, while traffic declined 10 percent. The Monroe Expressway now sets the stage for future growth in the region.