North Carolina Department of Transportation—Surf City Bridge Replacement

The iconic Surf City Bridge on Topsail Island was structurally insufficient and needed to open for vessels to pass, which caused major traffic congestion. The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) weighed solutions and landed on a $57.75 project to replace the bridge. The new 65-foot bridge is now high enough that it eliminates the need for openings, allowing safe and efficient passage for both boats and vehicles. Newly constructed roundabouts on both ends of the bridge allow for better traffic flow and reduced congestion. In addition, new paths give the community transportation options, allowing residents and visitors to safely walk and bike along the bridge. NCDOT also identified the need for more sidewalks and additional parking to local businesses, helping to boost the local economy. These changes not only prioritized safety, but helped to reshape this entire community, helping all move more freely.