North Dakota Department of Transportation: Mandan Roundabout

North Dakota DOT improved safety and reduced delays for drivers while opening up access to recreational facilities in Mandan with the city’s first roundabout.

The roadway serves a diverse set of users, including daily commuters; traffic accessing the largest energy production facility in the state and other local facilities; Starion Sports Complex visitors; and recreational users of Harmon Lake. As a result, the two-lane rural roadway averaged more than 7,000 vehicles per day with volume predicted to increase in the future. Not only did the previous roadway no longer support travelers’ needs, but it also lacked adequate turn lanes, included limited sight distance, limited pedestrian facilities, insufficient lighting, and included a curve that did not meet the 35 mph-design speeds.

This $7 million project provided a transportation corridor that not only offers users improved access to the diverse facilities along the corridor, but also provides a safer route with lower crash potential, less wait times, enhanced lighting, improved pedestrian access, and beautiful landscape architecture throughout the corridor.