North Dakota Department of Transportation—North Dakota’s Highway Safety Corridors

Lane departure crashes are the leading type of crash across North Dakota. In an effort to reach the goal of “Vision Zero,” the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) implemented a strategy to address this issue – Highway Safety Corridors (HSCs). This $2.8 million solution saw NDDOT converting 49 miles of rural highway into “Vision Zero” specialized corridors. They include additional signage for drivers to reduce speed, notices of “no-passing” zones, and reminders to drive sober and buckle up. In addition to the new signage, updated pavement markings provide more visibility, along with updated turning lanes and lighting.

NDDOT launched a robust public information campaign to educate drivers. This included tactics like an animated video demonstrating driver behavior in the HSCs, distributing information via flyers and on social media, radio advertisements, media releases, and interviews. This stretch of highway will be monitored by NDDOT for the next two to three years, with plans to complete additional HSCs based on its data – helping to keep drivers in the state safe and get closer to the goal of zero injuries and fatalities.