North Dakota Department of Transportation -Two-Year Makeover of Main Avenue in Downtown Fargo

Avenue in downtown Fargo is part of the North Dakota Department of Transportation Regional Highway System. Constructed in the 1950s, this stretch of Main Avenue was one of the oldest roads in Fargo. The $28 million project stimulated business activity and investment in response to a reinvented corridor, creating an active and comfortable environment for pedestrians to easily access local businesses. In 2019, the two-year Main Avenue in reconstruction project – jointly completed by North Dakota DOT and City of Fargo – kicked off to transform this gateway into a safe, accessible, and beautiful passageway for motorists and pedestrians in the heart of Fargo. The North Dakota DOT enhanced pedestrian access and roadway flow with a new roundabout, while a new counter flow lane provides motorists with a convenient way to access downtown. The project also included the construction of additional roadway sections to boost safety and accessibility.