NY: I-84 Bridges over Dingle Ridge Road Replacement Project


The $10.2 million project by NYSDOT to replace two deficient bridges on I-84, leveraging research from the second Strategic Highway Research Program and a Federal Highway Administration Highways for LIFE grant, was completed with minimal delays to motorists. NYSDOT utilized a new construction technique which reduced the two-year construction project to only two weekends and minimized delays on this major route between New York and Connecticut. The technique proved successful and NYSDOT plans to use the cost-cutting and time-saving method for future projects.ata_votebutton

3 thoughts on “NY: I-84 Bridges over Dingle Ridge Road Replacement Project

  1. How wonderful that they cut the time. Would be nice to know what is what that they did to do that? Did they used pre cast deck secctions?

    1. C Sorrel:

      The time was cut using slide-in construction methods. The new structure was built beside the existing structure. Once it was competed, the old structure was demolished and the new structure was slid into place. The highway only had to be closed for the weekend in which the demolition and sliding occurred.

      In addition, precast NEXT type D beams were used to accelerate construction. These beams are a double T shape, where the flange can be used as the riding surface.

      This document fully outlines the construction sequence:

      Click to access SHRP2_R04_I-84CaseStudy.pdf

  2. Hummmm.. my best guess is that those are mobile construction platforms of some type. Kudos for fast work. Thats the most astounding thing these days!

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