OH: State Route 664 Relocation at Old Man’s Cave

Hocking County, OH

Ohio Department of Transportation greatly improved the safety of drivers and pedestrians alike by relocating its State Route 664 at Old Man’s Cave, a destination for about 3 million visitors each year.ODOT set out to address the serious pedestrian-vehicle conflicts that too often arose when visitors crossed State Route 664 to access Old Man’s Cave in Hocking County. Visitors tended not to use the crosswalk, instead running across the busy state road. ODOT put together a public-private partnership coalition to coordinate a project to keep those pedestrians and drivers safe with an a 0.8 –mile realignment of SR 664 that included left-turn lanes, converting the old SR 664 into a pedestrian and bike path, and widening the road and shoulder. Pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers all benefit from the added safety of the $6 million project, completed in just seven months.

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