Ohio Department of Transportation — Cleveland Opportunity Corridor Project – Section 2

The Ohio Department of Transportation saw the opportunity to help stimulate the economy of an underserved section of the city of Cleveland, known as the “Opportunity Corridor.” The corridor was disconnected from local business and isolated from the Eastside of the city. As part of an ongoing project, the $35 million Section 2 phase of the Opportunity Corridor Project focused on helping to connect residents and travelers to other parts of the city. With the creation of a new roadway, vacant and underutilized land could now be prepared for development. The Ohio DOT’s business development strategy focused on promoting diversity and inclusion to bring in companies that committed to those values. The agency also reached out to small businesses and helped improve the quality of life of the community by building new paths for walking and biking, while improving existing sidewalks, too – providing connections in more ways than one.