Oklahoma Department of Transportation: Pathway to Hope

Oklahoma DOT improved walkability within the Greenwood community of Tulsa while helping it heal from racial inequity and abuse through its $5.5 million “Pathway to Hope” project.

Recent efforts within the Greenwood community sought ways to turn I-244 into an asset rather than an obstacle for the area. Oklahoma DOT collaborated with local leaders and community supporters to find a way to use easements to create what became the “Pathway to Hope” to help revive the Greenwood District by linking historically significant and interesting sites. That saved visitors a lengthy walk around the city’s minor league ballpark, while simultaneously offering lessons learned from the area’s history.

The improved access between sites will benefit Tulsa and Greenwood tourism by allowing visitors to save time between visiting important sites in the area. Those time savings mean visitors will be able to stay longer in certain places – perhaps visit a store, restaurant, or other business – they might not have had time for otherwise. The imagery installed along the path is also a tribute to the area once known as “Black Wall Street.”