CA: Fix I-5 Sacramento Project

People’s Choice Award Nominee
Website Eases 3.8 Million Detours: California Department of Transportation
Fix I-5 Sacramento Project
Sacramento, CA

“The success of the campaign in virtually eliminating traffic delays, supporting local business activity, and turning critics into fans on such a limited budget cannot be overstated.”

The Fix I-5 Project, initiated by Caltrans, repaired drainage systems and replaced pavement for the “Boat Section,” a three-quarter-mile stretch of I-5 in downtown Sacramento that carries more than 190,000 vehicles each day. The construction focused on an innovative approach that reduced construction time to just seven and a half weeks by completely closing one side of the freeway at a time; each side being closed twice. A region-wide public information campaign was created with the goal of 100 percent project awareness. The centerpiece of the campaign was an interactive website that received 1.7 million visits during its five-month run. More than 6,000 users signed up for daily project updates and traffic alerts. More than 3.8 million trips were detoured and delays averaged only five to ten minutes.

CA: Fix I-5 Sacramento Project

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