FL: 95 Express Miami Project

People’s Choice Award WINNER!
Technology Aids Urban Decongestion: Florida Department of Transportation
95 Express Miami Project
Miami, FL 

“The I-95 Express Lanes have saved me a great deal of time, and [I] believe that it is an excellent idea.”

The 95 Express Miami Project was designed to relieve the major traffic congestion problem plaguing the Miami-Dade and Broward County area by converting High Occupancy Vehicle or (HOV) Lanes into High Occupancy Toll or (HOT) lanes and increasing occupancy requirements from 2+ to 3+ people. Funded through a U.S. Department of Transportation grant, the $62.9 million project includes a new carpool registration process designed to enhance enforcement and reduce the number of vehicles using the expressway. Planners used innovative design; transportation demand management; rapid transit improvements for dedicated, low-emission buses; integration of intelligent transportation systems with electronic toll collection; and a widespread public outreach strategy that included a three-language marketing to reach both visitors and residents of South Florida. The newly striped and configured “95 Express” uses a variable-priced toll that adjusts to congestion levels and encourages travel in less heavily traveled periods. Toll-free options are also offered to registered carpools, motorcycles and hybrid vehicles.

FL: 95 Express Miami Project

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