MD: Route 32 at Burntwoods Road

People’s Choice Award Nominee
Dial an Engineer: Maryland Department of Transportation
MD 32 at Burntwoods Road
Howard County, MD

“The flow of traffic has improved with the new traffic pattern. Rush hour is now a thing of the past!”

Teamwork, professionalism, promptness, and accuracy were the hallmarks for managing the Maryland State Highway Administration’s (SHA) interchange project at MD 32 and Burntwoods Road, which serves an average of 30,000 vehicles a day. Safety concerns due to high speeds and heavy traffic volumes prompted the $18.5 million interchange project. The design team is credited with using creative ways to keep the public informed and traffic moving safely through the work zone. A direct telephone number to the project engineer was also made available to the traveling public so that any questions or concerns could be addressed directly.

MD 32 at Burntwoods Road

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