MN: I-35W Minneapolis Bridge Replacement Project

Grand Prize WINNER!
Smart Bridge Technology: Minnesota Department of Transportation
I-35W Minneapolis Bridge Replacement Project
Minneapolis, MN

“The rebuilding of the I-35W Bridge was a remarkable achievement in the face of tragedy. Through the power of innovation and teamwork…the transportation network and a crucial link to downtown Minneapolis [was restored].”

The tragic collapse of the Interstate 35W Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota, occurred on August 1, 2007. The 140,000 vehicles that once crossed the bridge each day were forced to make several detours which caused lengthy delays. Realizing the urgent need to replace the bridge, MNDOT moved quickly to execute a contract that called for completion of the new bridge in 141/2  months. The new $234 million, I-35W Bridge includes 10 lanes for traffic, reconstructed interchange ramps, and room to accommodate a future light-rail line. The new bridge also has the world’s largest anti-icing system and uses smart bridge technology.  Approaches to the bridges were also reconstructed along with various local streets adjacent to the project, and observation decks under the bridge along the banks of the Mississippi River. The project was completed in September 2008, three months ahead of schedule.

MN: I-35W Minneapolis Bridge Replacement Project

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