NE: Yankton Bridge Project

People’s Choice Award Nominee
Two States Trim Time and Costs on New Bridge: Nebraska Department of Roads
Yankton Brdge Project
South Yankton, NE

“The entire project is a tribute to dedication, perseverance and commitment to quality by NDOR and others involved. The Discovery Bridge is a source of great community pride and is a new identifying area landmark.”

The Yankton Bridge Project replaced a bridge that had spanned the Missouri River between Nebraska and South Dakota for 84 years.  The new $24 million, four-lane bridge spans 1,590 feet and is 74-feet wide. It crosses the Missouri over five piers and has 14 decorative 50-foot-tall spires that are wired for lighting and extend across the bridge from Nebraska to South Dakota. It is the first time the tower design has been used on a bridge. The project was completed one year ahead of schedule and came in under budget due to close cooperation between NDOR, their partners across the border in South Dakota, and the contractors and subcontractors involved in this project. The old bridge will be converted by the community of Yankton into a pedestrian and bicycling path.

NE: Yankton Brdge Project

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