NY: I-86 Interchange Project

People’s Choice Award Nominee
Improving International Connections: New York State Department of Transportation
I-86 Interchange Project
Corning, NY

“The road work is one of the reasons Corning Inc. decided to invest $300 million to improve [Sullivan Park] in Erwin.”

Nestled in the Three Rivers Valley near Corning, NY, this project was viewed from a national and international perspective as part of the trade corridor that connects Toronto and Detroit to the eastern seaboard. Numerous elements were included to enhance community involvement and safety, including the development of an animated video so that the public could view the actual “drive-through” of the interstate connecting ramps. In addition, NYDOT included a fixed, automated-spray, anti-icing system to reduce accident potential on the four new interstate connecting ramps over the Cohocton River levee system. These projects required a high level of design as well traffic forecasting, transportation planning and a full environmental impact study.

NY: I-86 Interchange Project

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