AK: Sitka Sawmill Creek Road Project

Nominee: On Time – Small Project
Sitka Sawmill Creek Road Project
Sitka, AK

“An estimated 11,000 vehicles use this intersection daily, which, before the roundabout, made for a dangerous area as well as traffic delays. Not only do roundabouts reduce deadly automobile accidents at intersections by 90 percent, they also decrease vehicle wait time, resulting in less gas being used and less vehicle emissions.”

Leo von Scheben
Commissioner Alaska DOT&PF

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF), developed designs for the construction of a roundabout at the intersections of Sawmill Creek Road, Lake Street, and Halibut Point Road in Sitka, Alaska. The purpose of this project was to reconfigure the existing intersection to provide better traffic flow, and increase safety. The existing intersection is one of the busiest in Sitka and has a history of accidents.

The project included new sidewalks, redesigned lighting, and drainage. Some minor utility adjustments are also included. As a result of the collaborative effort by all parties, the project remained ahead of schedule, and the new intersection opened up July 19, 2009, 12 days ahead of contract completion. The project was also completed $300,000 under budget. The department also created a comprehensive public project website, complete with a tutorial video illustrating the best and safest techniques for people using the new roundabout.

AK: Sitka Sawmill Creek Road Project

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