AR: Recovery Act Rehabilitation Project

2010 Top 10 Nominee
Best Recovery Act Project – Medium Project
Arkansas Recovery Act Rehabilitation Project

“We commend AHTD for the quick implementation and success of this project and we agree that project was an excellent use of ARRA funding.”

John Suskie, Executive Director
Arkansas Asphalt Pavement Association

The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department received over $351 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds for infrastructure improvements. In an effort to transfer this money to the private sector quickly and distribute it as widely possible, $50 million for a project that rehabilitated approximately 170 miles of roadway at 52 locations statewide was let to contract beginning in April 2009. This work was substantially complete by the end of December 2009 and included asphalt concrete hot mix surfacing, guardrail replacement, pavement markings and shoulder improvements. This project was accomplished under 52 separate contracts by 17 different contractors and came in under budget at $47 million. It is estimated that this project created/retained 315 jobs.

Rehabilitation of the state’s highways is an important function of the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department. The purpose of the rehabilitation program was to restore paved road surfaces by adding structural capacity, riding comfort and skid resistance which adds to the road’s safety. While newly overlaid roads are aesthetically pleasing, roads are not overlaid to improve appearance. Pavement deterioration is cumulative. Factors including weather, traffic impacts, frequency of maintenance etc. all contribute to a road’s longevity. By resurfacing the road with an asphalt overlay and improving drainage, the rehabilitation program significantly extended the service life of many state roads. Included in this work were shoulder improvements and guardrail and pavement marking replacement which also increased driver safety.

Arkansas’ Recovery Act Rehabilitation Project succeeded in achieving the desired results of ARRA by positively impacting Arkansas’ communities through the preservation and creation of jobs, promotion of economic recovery, and investment in transportation infrastructure.

AR: Recovery Act Rehabilitation Project

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