CA: Vasco Road Alameda County Safety Improvement Project

Nominee: On Time – Small Project
Vasco Road Alameda County Safety Improvement Project
Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, CA

“Both the Public Works Agency and Teichert Construction are to be commended for their on-time delivery of the Vasco Road Safety Improvements Project. The accelerated delivery of this project will provide extraordinary safety benefits for all roadway users.”

Daniel Woldesenbent
Alameda County Public Works Agency Director

Vasco Road is an inter-regional roadway that has become the primary access route between residences in the southern portion of eastern Contra Costa County and eastern Alameda County.

In 2004, the Alameda County Public Works Agency began collaborating with Contra Costa County, the cities of Brentwood and Livermore, and the California Highway Patrol to address an increasing accident rate along Vasco Road. The collaborative effort strategically introduced a variety of traffic safety measures along Vasco Road, including speed display signs, community safety signs, daytime headlight zones, centerline rumble strips, centerline delineators, double-fine zone, coordinated speed enforcement, and collaborative agency funding.

Concurrently with the traffic safety measures, Alameda County was designing the Vasco Road Safety Improvements Project to realign a 1.3-mile segment of Vasco Road to conform to current design standards and address the winding curves, lack of guardrails, and restricted sight distance, which created a difficult driving environment for motorists using this well-travelled and often congested roadway.

The project was advertised in the summer of 2008 and minor grading work began in the fall of 2008. The actual roadway construction work began in February 2009 and was completed on November 2, 2009, well within the specified completion requirement of 450 calendar days. This newly constructed roadway provides a new and improved alignment and grade, wider shoulders, reinforced embankments and retaining walls and adds truck/bus climbing lanes to improve traffic operations and safety. Additionally, a permanent median concrete barrier was erected as part of the project to eliminate the potential for cross-over/head-on collisions. These improvements enhance traffic flow and safety, and will facilitate express and regular bus service between the two counties.

CA: Vasco Road Alameda County Safety Improvement Project

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