MI: 9 Mile Road Bridge Reconstruction Project

Nominee: On Time – Small Project
9 Mile Road Bridge Reconstruction Project
Hazel Park, MI

“MDOT’s Rapid reconstruction of the Nine Mile Bridge was an impressive feat worthy of recognition and accolades.”
Edward Klobuchar
City Manager
City of Hazel Park

Destroyed by a tanker collision and ensuing fire on July 15, 2009, the 9 Mile Road Bridge over I-75 in Hazel Park, Michigan, was replaced by a new structure only five months later. Miraculously, the accident and bridge collapse did not result in any fatalities or significant injuries. However, the loss of the bridge cut the main link between the east and west portions of Hazel Park and divided its main business district in two.

To reduce the typical two year time cycle to replace a bridge, the Michigan DOT selected design build delivery as the best method to accelerate the replacement of the bridge and to reconnect the Hazel Park community. Developing a design for the replacement structure and achieving an ambitious design and construction schedule was further complicated by the need to consider the planned future widening and improvement of I-75.

Michigan DOT prepared the design build RFP and developed a concept for a bridge including a central pier that could be moved to another location to accommodate the planned change of the I-75 alignment. The design build contract was awarded on September 30, 2009 and notice to proceed was given on October 6.

Incentives were incorporated into the contract to ensure that the design build contractor made every effort to shorten the amount of time that the bridge and lanes would be closed. The design build process culminated successfully in the December 14, 2009 opening of the new bridge.

MI: 9 Mile Road Bridge Reconstruction Project

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