MI: I-196 Baldwin Street Project

Nominee: On Time – Medium Project
I-196 Baldwin Street Project
Minneapolis, MI

“The project was instrumental to addressing the traffic problems, reducing emissions and reducing the public’s expenses related to wasted time, wasted fuel and vechicle accidents.”
Abed Itani
Grand Valley Metro Council

I-196 from M-11 westerly to the Ottawa/Kent County line was recently reconstructed and rehabilitated, including the addition of two new ramps to/from I-196 into the Jenison area. The project also included a major reconstruction and upgrade of Baldwin Street between Main Street and I-196 to accommodate the two new ramps and associated traffic. The cost of the construction was $36,992,428.43. The project took place from February 1, 2008 to November 2009.

The project was constructed over three years with I-196 being completed in two years. The first year of construction saw improvements to Baldwin Street and the introduction of a new ‘T-intersection’ with Main Street. The second year required the reconstruction of I-196 Westbound and the opening of the new exit on Baldwin Street. This involved an aggressive construction schedule to complete three miles of freeway work, replacement of two bridges, construction of a new ramp and construction of approximately 4,000 feet of retaining wall. Similar type work was done on eastbound I-196, including the construction the new Baldwin Street entrance ramp to Eastbound I-196.

To meet this schedule, an innovative precast retaining wall system was designed. The precast system allowed components of the retaining wall to be constructed during the winter shut-down months. This advanced construction provided the needed time not only to place the precast system but to construct the road and ramps adjacent to the retaining walls.

The on time completion of the project and opening of the two new ramps connecting to Baldwin Street have relieved congestion on Chicago Drive, eliminated traffic back-ups during peak hours on I-196, addressed safety issues with the Main Street railroad crossing and improved emergency response time.

MI: I-196 Baldwin Street Project

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