NE: Columbus Viaduct Project

Nominee: On Time – Small Project
Columbus Viaduct Project
Columbus, NE

“This project is an important transportation asset for the city and the surrounding area serving a large volume of truck traffic into and out of Columbus for delivery of materials and products for our industries and manufacturers. The extensive planning efforts that preceded the initiation of the project proved beneficial during the reconstruction.”

Joseph Mangiamelli
City Administrator

The Columbus Viaduct is the second uniquely designed tied-arch structure in the world. This viaduct consists of a 356-foot, two-span tied-arch bridge that spans 12 sets of railroad tracks. The viaduct features three arch sections that support tie rods, tie beams and the roadway structure.

This unique structure has architectural floodlights to illuminate the bridge arches at night. Led by the Nebraska Department of Roads, this project was bid at $12.9 million, with a contract for 601 calendar days, beginning October 6, 2008, with a completion date to open for traffic on December 5, 2009. In February 2, 2009, the contractor closed highways US-30/81 to begin construction of the bridge. The contractor completed the bridge ahead of schedule and received 14 days incentive pay.

The project was opened to traffic the day before Thanksgiving 2009. The local community took notice; the front page banner headline of The Columbus Telegram read: “… Gives thanks early….”

NB: Columbus Viaduct Project

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