NY: NYS Route 19 Project

WINNER: Under Budget – Small Project
NYS Route 19 Project
Village of Belmont , NY

The former NY State Route 19 Bridge over the Genesee River Dam was a 75-year-old structure located within the Village of Belmont’s central business district. Due to deterioration, a weight limit was posted and trucks were detoured through residential neighborhoods. Through a collaborative community process, the project was developed, designed, and implemented into now what is viewed as a major success.

During construction, river elevation changes of six to eight feet overnight were not uncommon and a variety of non-traditional construction techniques had to be developed. Numerous elements were included to enhance the appearance and functionality of the bridge, including a fishing access area.


NY: NYS Route 19 Project

One thought on “NY: NYS Route 19 Project

  1. Just went through Belmont following Rt. 19 on a day trip with my wife. We stopped and admired the water and the bridge. The design allowed access and a view which is not always a given with many bridges. Our appreciation to those working on the bridge in bringing off a project that serves traffic as well as those appreciating nature.

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