OK: Oklahoma City Broadway Extension Reconstruction Project

Nominee: On Time – Medium Project
Oklahoma City Broadway Extension Reconstruction Project

Edmond – Oklahoma City, OK
“The Broadway Extension Interchange at Memorial Road is not merely a road project to improve traffic, but an innovative approach to improve the first impression of the City of Edmond. We look forward to seeing continued positive impacts on this community for years to come.”

Patrice Douglas
Mayor of Edmond

The Broadway Extension (US-77) Reconstruction Project at Memorial Road and Kelley Avenue in Oklahoma City was completed in October 2009, nearly two months ahead of schedule. The $30 million project included the realignment of Kelley Avenue into a continuous street, construction of new frontage roads, and reconstructed and added ramps. Another notable feature of the project was the inclusion of Oklahoma-themed aesthetics including Osage shields and painted Native American and Western designs on the Broadway Extension bridges over Memorial Road and Kelley Avenue.

Work began on the 540-day project on July, 21 2008, and was substantially completed on August 14, 2009, a total of 100 days ahead of schedule. In addition, the rapid work allowed for the opening of Memorial Road to traffic a total of 60 days early.

Overall, the interchange reconstruction minimized traffic tie-ups and increased the carrying capacity of the Broadway Extension corridor. Accommodating more than 65,000 vehicles per day, this section of the Broadway Extension is a main thoroughfare connecting Edmond and Oklahoma City. The project itself and the addition of public art not only improved access and traffic flow immensely, it also beautified the area around the interchange.

All the partners on the project overcame multiple obstacles in order to complete this project ahead of time. This momentous accomplishment was even greater because at the time when construction was going on, material prices in the construction industry had skyrocketed and were fluctuating greatly.


OK: Oklahoma City Broadway Extension Reconstruction Project

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