VA: Battlefield Boulevard Chesapeake Project

WINNER: Innovative Management – Medium Project
Battlefield Boulevard Chesapeake Project
Chesapeake, VA

“The innovative traffic pattern and use of braided ramps has so greatly improved travel through the area that it is truly remarkable.”

Del. Lionel Spruill, Sr.
Virginia House of Delegates

The Virginia Department of Transportation and contractor E.V. Williams broke ground on the Battlefield Boulevard Project in May 2006 with a contract completion date in July 2009. The project replaced the Battlefield Boulevard Interchange on I-64 and widened two miles of the interstate from six lanes to 14 lanes to help improve traffic and reduce congestion.

The project incorporated new and innovative design processes for the Hampton Roads region. A portable concrete plant and a concrete crusher plant created a recycling operation on-site, lessening environmental implications, improving safety within the project limits, and eliminating daily interfacing of construction vehicles with thousands of motorists traveling along the interstate.

Additionally, the project was the first in Hampton Roads to incorporate braided ramp structures. Braided ramps consist of one overhead ramp and one underpass ramp that braid together in travel lanes separated from the main interstate travel lanes. This increases motorist safety by allowing for trouble-free merge conditions on and off the interstate at Greenbrier Parkway.

Innovations included:

  • The use of braided ramps so that cars entering and exiting the interstate have their own dedicated ramp;
  • Constructing a concrete batch plant in the middle of the interstate to eliminate trucks from entering and exiting the construction zone;
  • Crushing existing concrete pavement into aggregate, using an onsite crusher, and reusing the material for the roadway, eliminating landfill waste and diesel fuel use.

The project was completed within budget for approximately $104 million and before the contract completion date of July 31, 2009.

The Battlefield Boulevard Project team has won awards from the Construction Management Association of America, Road and Bridges Magazine, and the American Consulting Engineers Council. VDOT District Public Affairs also won the Hermes Creative Award and the Communicator Award for project communications.

VA: Battlefield Boulevard Project

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