WA: Burley-Olalla Interchange Project

WINNER: On Time – Small Project
Burley-Olalla Interchange Project
Burley-Olalla, WA

“The Burley Olalla Project not only embodies WSDOT’s ideals of finishing construction on time and on budget, but it dramatically exceeds our already high standards.”

Kevin Dayton
Olympic Region Administrator

The Washington State Department of Transportation took its motto of being “on time and on budget” to the next level in late-June 2008 when it teamed up with Ceccanti, Inc. to work on the SR 16/Burley Olalla Interchange. By planning ahead, altering designs, and changing traffic detours, crews were able to complete the project 11 months ahead of schedule; excellent foresight, planning, design and execution reduced the impact on drivers and saved taxpayers $1.75 million.

The project replaced the last at-grade intersection on SR 16 with a new tight diamond interchange; constructing a new bridge, nine permanent walls, six temporary walls; and replacing two fish passage barriers with larger openings.

Shortly after the project was awarded, the WSDOT Project Engineers Office and Ceccanti, Inc., began developing a new staging plan. Rather than constructing separate detours around the entire interchange, the plan used the location of the new interchange ramps (with minor modifications) as temporary detours for SR 16 traffic during construction and moved walls away from the highway to reduce their height.

Using a modified-design build process, the contractor completed enough work to move traffic onto the new ramps during the first construction season. Work on the mainline bridge and associated walls were accomplished during the winter months, eliminating a seasonal shutdown scheduled in the original design. With the structures and walls completed, Ceccanti was able to proceed with the remaining grading, paving and other weather-sensitive work during the second construction season eliminating a second winter shut down.

WA: Burley-Olalla Interchange Project

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