AK: Taylor Highway 2010 Emergency Repairs

Nominee: Innovative Management – Small Project
Taylor Highway 2010 Emergency Repairs
Between Eagle and Chicken, AK

In July 2010, the residents of Eagle, Alaska lost their road during a series of devastating storms. The Taylor Highway, which connects Eagle with Dawson City, Canada provides the only road access, which meant that with the road out, the community was unreachable for the delivery of fuel, food or supplies. Even worse, the road damage occurred during the critical tourist season, a primary part of the livelihood for highway residents.

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities began an emergency repair project that accomplished the daunting task of repairing Taylor Highway. The work was done in 45 locations along a 100- mile stretch of highway. ADOT&PF and its emergency contractor, staffed with 75 employees and 60 pieces of heavy equipment, worked over 12 hours a day until the end of October in order to make the road passable.


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