MT: Shiloh Road Project


WINNER: On Time – Medium Project
Shiloh Road Project
Billings, MT

Shiloh Road in Billings was at one time a sleepy dirt road used by farm equipment, but by 2002 it had grown into a heavily traveled arterial serving subdivisions and commercial centers. The Montana Department of Transportation’s $25 million Shiloh Road project improved safety and mobility along a 4.5 mile stretch of this now critical commuter corridor.

Montana DOT worked with the community – the project was adjacent to over 100 property owners and included eight intersections – and developed a construction plan that kept the road open with minimal detours and delays.

Thanks to the project, Shiloh Road traffic now flows safely and smoothly along the four-lane divided highway. Corridor travel time, congestion, and delays have all been significantly reduced thanks to the $25 million construction project that rebuilt a 4.5 mile stretch of road that now contains eight multi-lane roundabouts, bike and pedestrian walkways, landscaping , noise barrier walls, stream crossings that provide fish passage, and farm irrigation crossings. The project, which began in 2009, was finished on time in 2010.


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