NH: Hampton Road Open Tolling Project

WINNER: On Time – Small Project
Hampton Open Road Tolling Project
Hampton, NH

The Hampton toll plaza, located on Interstate 95 near the I-95/New Hampshire-101 Exit 2 interchange, is the busiest toll plaza in New Hampshire’s Turnpike system during the summer months. Even with the 16 lanes, the plaza did not have adequate capacity to handle the seasonal traffic demands, which resulted in frequent and excessive traffic queues and delays.

This $17 million dollar project to convert to open-road tolling was successfully completed on a fast-tracked 16 month schedule through a collaborative effort between NHDOT and the HNTB Team. The conversion to open road tolling allowed the New Hampshire DOT to cost effectively increase traffic capacity and safety at the toll plaza.

The project was so successful, in fact, that the New Hampshire DOT enjoyed reading an apology from one Boston Globe writer who – amazed with the ease with which he drove through the toll plaza – wrote, “I’m sorry that anyone from my paper, my city, my entire state has ever uttered a negative word about your wise and noble people.”

NH: Hampton Open Road Tolling Project

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