NY: Long Island Expressway Reconstruction Project

WINNER: On Time – Medium Project
Long Island Expressway Reconstruction Project
Suffolk County, NY

The $27.9 million New York 110/Interstate 495 interchange project reconstructed the twin NY Route 110 bridge spans over the Long Island Expressway in Suffolk County, eliminating a major bottleneck in the corridor by improving clearance for trucks and providing three full travel lanes in each direction on NY Route 110. This project was the first in a series of three major improvements to the NY 110 corridor to enhance safety and mobility.

To speed up construction, pedestrian walkways were simultaneously closed and a creative solution was used to accommodate walkers: establishment of a free taxi service for crossing the bridge. This sort of innovative approach enabled the project to be opened to traffic one year earlier than originally planned at a substantial savings in time and money.



NY: Long Island Expressway Reconstruction Project

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