PA: Pittsburgh West End Improvement Project

WINNER: Innovative Management – Medium Project
Pittsburgh West End Improvement Project
Pittsburgh, PA

Situated in the urban West End neighborhood of Pittsburgh, the “West End Circle” was arguably one of the most confusing interchanges in the city. It was used as a beltway around an interstate via the West End Bridge and served as a junction for several heavily traveled state and U.S. highways.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation awarded the construction contract for $53 million and construction began in July 2007 to untangle this interchange, improve safety, enhance roadway continuity, improve access to the North Shore, and revitalize the West End community. Project partnering, schedule monitoring, and public relations and involvement ensured the project ran smoothly and without delays, while staying on budget and minimizing impacts.

Many changes took place during construction that resulted in savings of more than $7 million from the original contract, funds that were was put back into other aspects of the project. Construction was completed in October 2010.

PA: Pittsburgh West End Improvement Project

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