SC: Plans Online

WINNER: Innovative Management – Small Project
Plans Online

SCDOT has made 1.9 million digitally scanned image files of roadway construction plans available at the click of a button on the Internet. This 13-year project replaced the old, cumbersome method of reviewing plans in person.

South Carolina has the fourth largest state-maintained highway system in the nation, with more than 41,000 miles of roadways and 8,344 bridges. For decades, the only way to access state highway plans was to use a card catalogue system to order plans and then wait a few days for them to be delivered to a central location. SCDOT employees began working to convert highway plans to digital files in 1997. Today, the Plans Online system is available internally to SCDOT employees and externally to surveyors, engineers, city, county, and local offices requiring access to the plans to complete their work, greatly improving efficiency and reducing costs.


SC: Plans Online

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