WI: US 51/WIS 29 Corridor Improvement Project

Nominee: Innovative Management – Large Project
US 51/WIS 29 Corridor Improvement Project
Wausau, WI

Wisconsin drivers were driving on a rebuilt US 51/WIS 29 corridor years ahead of expectations thanks to an innovative Corridor Management Team concept that managed more than 40 construction projects that maximized funding and minimized traffic impacts to the traveling public.

Traffic along the US 51/WIS 29 corridor near Wausau had increasing congestion because of local area growth, increasing intrastate travel, and terrain features limiting alternative routes. To maintain safety and support the area’s economic vitality required more than just a standard highway expansion; and with an original budget of more than $300 million, an 11-year design and construction schedule, and the involvement of seven local jurisdictions, this project required more than the traditional project management. Accordingly, WisDOT employed the Corridor Management Team (CMT) concept.

In the end, the seven-mile corridor and surrounding communities were transformed as a result of: increasing the number of local crossings; improving conditions of local routes near the highway; increasing highway capacity; and upgrading highways with free-flowing interchanges.

The project was completed two years ahead of schedule, millions of dollars under budget, and with great public acceptance. All the hallmarks of an exceptionally successful project!


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