IA: US 6 Keg Creek Bridge

US 6 Keg Creek Bridge
Route 6 in Council Bluffs, IA

Iowa DOT’s $2.7 million Keg Creek Bridge project quickly replaced a structurally deficient bridge using accelerated bridge construction through a collaboration with the Strategic Highway Research Program Phase 2 (SHRP2).

The original bridge was built in 1953 and was classified as structurally deficient with a rating of only 33, yet the bridge carried 4,000 vehicles per day. Due to the innovative accelerated bridge construction technique, the construction time was cut from approximately six months to only two weeks of traffic disruption for the public.

The project was so successful that information gathered during the design and construction of the Keg Creek bridge project is being shared with the broader transportation community to accelerate changes that will ultimately improve the safety and performance of our highways, and reduce the impact of construction and maintenance on highway users.


IA: US 6 Keg Creek Bridge

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