KS: I-135/47th Street Project

I-135/47th Street Project
I-135 and 47th Street in Wichita, KS

This $16.1 million project in Wichita reduced congestion and improved access to the city and its dependent local businesses with the I-135/47th Street Project.

Residents had been putting up with daily traffic jams on this roadway, which led to an increase in traffic accidents. Also, this area was home to multiple deteriorating bridges that were in great need of replacement. With the help of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds, the project broke ground in 2009.

KDOT reconstructed an interstate interchange, replaced four bridges, rebuilt roughly a mile of a four-lane urban corridor, reconstructed a major city intersection with additional left turn lanes, and installed new traffic signals to cut back on the congestion and improve access to area businesses.


KS: I-135 and 47th Street Project

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